Lightswitch Beta

I have just downloaded and had an initial play with the Lightswitch beta from MSDN, and I can say from my initial experience that I’m impressed. The beta allows you to create either a VB.NET or C# project. You can create new data sources, queries, and forms. The wizards allow you to create details, master-details, list, and report forms. When you run the application, a main form is created that has a menu bar that lists each form. Forms are displayed in tab format, and there is a ribbon menu. You can export data created in the form into Excel. All this and not a line of code in sight. I think this warrants further investigation as the technology looks very promising in its capabilities.

If you are not a programmer and want to create a business application, then this is one technology that you may well want to learn. Should you wish to learn more then you can download the software and have a play around yourself by visiting the Visual Studio LightSwitch Developer Center. If you are a developer, then this technology looks like it will save you a lot of time