I have just recently started developing silverlight applications for the Windows Phone 7 device. Before Silverlight, my main experience has been database, web, and desktop development using WinForms, and WebForms. My first experience of Silverlight has been rather challenging, but very interesting and fun. Programming user interfaces using Silverlight is rewarding and very similar to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

HTML forms the structure of the web page, CSS makes it look nice, and JavaScript makes it interactive. With Silverlight, XAML performs the equivilent role of HTML and CSS, and VB.NET or C# performs the same role as the JavaScript.

Within a month of been introduced to Silverlight, I already have two business applications in development and making good progress. According to Microsoft, the best way to get Windows Phone 7 to communicate with a remote database is using WCF Services. As I have learnt quite a few lessons along the way, I will be sharing these lessons on this blog as and when I find the time. To learn more about Silverlight from Microsoft visit the The Official Microsoft Silverlight Site.


Java Software Development Technologies and Frameworks

Between October 2010 and February 2011, I took the time to study the Java job postings as I was unemployed and actively seeking work. I am a Sun Certified Java Programmer for the Java Platform 1.4. So it was interesting seeing the kinds of things companies were asking for from potential candidates. This post is the results of my findings. If you are looking for a new position as a Java programmer/software developer, or considering Java software development as a potential career, then hopefully you will find this information useful.

The main Java technologies that employers were seeking were Java, J2EE, JSP, Servlets, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, XML, Hibernate, Tomcat, and the Scrum Agile Methodology.

The main frameworks that employers were seeking were Tapestry, JSF, Wicket, GWT, Spring MVC, Struts, Rife, and Java CAPS.

Also, some of the top companies to work for will not employ people unless they have a University 2:1 Degree in computer science, science, or mathematics.

AJS Department Store

I have spent my Saturday evening putting together an powered electronic shopping store. The main shopping categories are Baby, Beauty, Books, Car & Motorbike, Classical Music, Clothing, Computers, Computer & Video Games, DIY & Tools, DVD, Electronics, Home & Garden, Health & Beauty, Jewelry, Kitchen & Housewares, Lighting, MP3 Downloads, Music, Musical Instruments, Office Products, Shoes & Accessories, Sports & Leisure, Software, Toys & Games, Watches, and Pet Supplies.

You can view my store by clicking here.