The Visual FoxPro Database Container

The file extension for a database container is .DBC. Database containers are used to manage tables, relationships, views, and stored procedures. The properties, rules, triggers, relations, views, connections, and stored procedures are described within such a file. You can view the database schema via the database designer. Connections, tables, relations, triggers, rules, views, and stored procedures can be added, modified, and deleted from within the database designer.

File Extensions Associated with Databases

Extension Description
.DBC Database container file
.DBT Memo file
.DBX Index file

Commands and Functions Associated with Databases

Command Functions
.DBC Database container file
CREATE DATABASE Create a new database container
OPEN DATABASE Open an existing datbase container
SET DATABASE TO Set the current database to one that is already opened
MODIFY DATABASE Opens the database designer for an open database
MODIFY PROCEDURE In the current database, create or modify a stored procedure
PACK DATABASE Remove deleted records from the database.
VALIDATE DATABASE Check the validity of a database or recover an invalid database.
DBC() Returns the full path of the current database.
DBUSED() Is the database specified open?
ADATABASES() Get an array of all open databases
ADBOBJECTS() Get an array of objects in the current database
DBGETPROP Get a database property
DBSETPROP Set a database property
CLOSE DATABASE Closes the current database, all its tables, and all its open free tables.
DELETE DATABASE Delete a database from disk, and optionally delete or free its tables.