ASP.NET Technology Considerations

Going forward I will be developing a number of different types of websites using ASP.NET and supporting technology. The last time I developed a commercially used ASP.NET website was an extranet using ASP.NET, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, VB.NET, and SQL Server 2005 in 2007 using Visual Studio 2003 Professional. Since then technology has moved on. So I have performed some initial research into the different techologies that are currently available that can be utilised to build commercial websites.

The MIX11 video Scaffolding – ASP.NET, NuGet, Entity Framework Code First and More by Steve Sanderson is very interesting. As a result, I am thinking that it may be appropriate to build new websites using ASP.NET 4.0, Razor, the Entity Framework, NuGet, the MVC design pattern with MvcScaffolding, and SQL Server 2008.