SQL Developer: “network adapter could not establish the connection”

In order to become re-acquainted with Oracle database development I downloaded and installed Oracle Database 11g and Oracle Developer.  During the install of Oracle Database 11g on Windows 8, I opted not to create a database.  After Oracle Database 11g was installed, I created my database using the Database Configuration Assistant (DBCC).  But when I tried to connect to my database using Oracle Developer, testing the connection failed each time; the reason being that the “network adapter could not establish the connection.”

I managed to solve this issue by using the Net Configuration Assistant to set up a listener for TCP, TCPS, and NPS.  Then via the control panel, I had to go to Device Manager, right-click on the root node of the tree and select Add legacy hardware followed by Network Adapters -> Microsoft -> Microsoft KM-Test Loopback Adapter (older versions of Windows: Microsoft Loopback Adapter).

After performing the above configuration, I was able to connect to my Oracle database without a problem.


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