Key To Writing Blog Articles

I have been asked by a few people how to go about writing blog articles, and how to clear your head when you hit writers block. So here is my answer.

My normal inspiration for writing a blog article comes after I solve a rather annoying and frustrating problem that I have been working on for a few hours or even days, or when I come across something that I find rather useful and would like to share with others. I like to provide a review of the problem and the solution. Apart from my blog entries being a useful reference for me as part of my work as a programmer/support person, my hope is that others who may be experiencing the same or similar issues will find this information useful.

Apart from getting writers block, it can be quite common for me to get programmers block. When this happens, I usually go and make a drink such as a cup of tea. I then take a few moments to do something different to take my mind of the problem. Breathing in slowly to the count of four and out to the count of five for a minute can be a great help! Then after I have finished my break away from the problem, I usually find that I can approach the problem with a clear mind and that I make a lot of progress there after.

One book I have found very helpful and insightful is the book How to Become a Buddha in 5 Weeks: The Simple Way to Self-realisation by Giulio Cesare Giacobbe (2009).
This book is focused on psychological precepts and trainings, that when put into practice do make you feel good. Combine that with a healthy lifestyle, and your mind will feel refreshed more often than not. After all, the state of your mind and emotions will impact on the quality of your writing. And as you will have no doubt experienced, stress at work and other factors outside of work can seriously impact on your wellbeing and ability to think clearly.

So to conclude, before you write an article clear your head in the way that benefits you most. Research what you are going to write about thoroughly, so that you have the complete understanding of your topic. Then think before you type. Do not waffle. Aim to keep articles as small and to the point as possible. Do not use fancy or technical words, abbreviations or acronyms if you don’t have to. Keep it simple. Preview the article before posting, and make sure you spell check and check any links before you publish.


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