HTML5 Step by Step

HTML5 Step by Step

Faithe Wempen

If you are completely new to building web pages with HTML, and especially HTML5, then this book is for you. This book is one that I own and it is a very practical book. The good thing about buying this book is that you get access to the online version with source files free.

Faithe Wempen does a very good job of easing people new to building web pages in, and getting them up to speed quickly. The way the book is written makes it easy to read all the way through. You also build a gardening website as you work your way through the book. So if you have never built a website in your life, and don’t know where to start, then by the end of this book you will have learnt the latest web standard (HTML5) that works consistently on all operating systems including Apple, built your very first functional website to add to your budding web portfolio, and you will have a solid grounding to build compelling Internet websites, games, and business applications by enhancing your knowledge of HTML Games Programming, CSS3, and JavaScript. Once you have learnt the basics, you are free to explore the potential of what you capable of achieving.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who is serious about learning HTML5.