Mebsuta – Eclectic Moods – New Album

I have released my first music album on Bandcamp. It is a mixture of music including classical, pop, and techno. You can listen here: The individual tracks can be bought as well as the album. My band name is Mebsuta after a star in Gemini, and the album is called Eclectic Moods.


Importing Blender Models into Unity 2017

Recently, I have needed to import 3D Blender models into Unity 2017. This proved difficult for me as the assets always seemed pixilated. I found that this was the case when importing .fbx files generated from Blender. But this was not the case when importing .blend files. When importing .blend files, your assets are in the image quality you expect. The only downside is that the materials are plain without the original textures. To solve this, simply import your PNGs and drag them to your material’s Albedo setting. Here are the steps to follow when importing Blender assets into Unity 2017:

  1. Add a new project in Unity 2017.
  2. Save the current scene into a folder called Scenes.
  3. Add a folder called Models under the Assets root folder.
  4. In the Models folder add a folder for the named asset to be imported.
  5. Copy the .blend file into the model’s folder.
  6. Open up the Materials folder for the imported model.
  7. Copy the PNG files into the Materials folder.
  8. Click on the material to display its properties in the Inspector.
  9. Drag the relevant PNG image onto the Albedo square to the left.
  10. Add the model to the scene, and tweek as necessary.

Adaptive Code in C#: Agile Coding with Design Patterns and SOLID Principles

 Adaptive Code via C: Agile coding with design patterns and SOLID principles

For anyone who is serious about writing good, clean code that is adaptive this book is a must. Even though the book is written for C# programmers, any programmer who needs to learn agile coding using design patterns and SOLID principles will find this book of great value.

The book is partitioned into three sections. Part 1 provides you with a foundation into agile software project management using Scrum. Then you learn about programming with dependencies and layering, before you move on to reading about interfaces and design patterns. This part finishes with a look at unit testing and refactoring.

In Part 2 you are guided through the process of writing SOLID code. There are eight chapters in all in Part 2. These chapters cover the single responsibility principle, the open/closed principle, the Liskov substitution principle, interface segregation, and dependency injection.

You then move on to Part 3 which guides you through the initial phases of developing an adaptive software product over two sprints. Using a fictitious team and project, chapters 10 , 11, and 12 describe the conversations the team members have and the decisions they must make along the way.

You can find the code samples on GitHub. The code examples reflect a selection of some of the patterns and practices that were covered in Parts 1 and 2. Not everything is covered, but some of the more common implementation questions are answered.

All-in-all a very good book, and one that is easy to read from cover-to-cover.

Test 65+ WordPress Themes for Free (No Credit Card Required)

TeslaThemes provide you with the ability to test their WordPress templates for free, and you don’t need to provide credit card details either. There are over 65 themes for you to experiment with until you find the one that is right for you.

The process is rather easy in order to get up and running. All you have to do is visit the Tesla Test Room insert your email, check your inbox, and then you can log in and test the themes.

You get access to a test WordPress Install with all the themes in it for 7 days. After that the test website and created user will be deleted.

You can see online demos of TeslaTheme WordPress themes including the Design Portfolio here.

Unity 2017.1

I have just visited the Unity website to view the Asset Store, and have learnt that they are moving to a new release cycle. The current release is 2017.1, and I must say that the new additions to Unity are impressive, especially for teams, artists and designers. You can read about the new release on the Unity Blog.

I am looking to enhance my game created with Unity called Muddle Puzzle. Improvements include making the game available on other platforms, and adding the ability to take photographs and use them in the game. So I will be downloading the new version of Unity, and will be developing my game against it.


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