Xna 4.0 Game Development by Example: Beginner’s Guide

XNA 4.0 Game Development By Example authored by Kurt Jaegers is an excellent book for anyone who wants to learn XNA 4.0 games development. As you work through the book you develop some games including Flood Control, Astroid Belt Assault, Robot Rampage, and Gemstone Hunter.

This book comes in two versions one for Visual Basic .NET programmers, and the other for C# programmers. The good thing about this book is that it is very easy to read, and the examples are easy to follow. For anyone new to games programming this is a good place to start


Silverlight 5 and XNA 3D White Page

When you build a web application using Silverlight 5 and XNA 3D, you may find that your application does not load and appears as a white block. The solution is simple.

In the area of your page where you expect to see your silverlight application, right click to bring up the Silverlight menu. Click the only menu option there is that says Silverlight. This will bring up the Microsoft Silverlight Configuration dialog.

Microsoft Silverlight Configuration

On the Permission tab click on allow to enable 3D graphics.