“SQL Server Configuration Manager” gives “Invalid class [0x80041010]” when starting.

If you experience Invalid Class [0x80041010] when starting SQL Server Configuration Manager, see Michael Aspengren’s MSDN Blog Post for the solution. This solution fixes the original issue, but then you are presented with a second issue: Provider load failure [0x80041013].

To fix the Provider load failure [0x80041013] issue, locate your SQL Server installation medium. In my case I am using SQL Server 2016 Developer Edition. Then run sql_common_core.msi, which in my case is located as follows: en_sql_server_2016_developer_x64_dvd_8777069\x64\Setup\sql_common_core_msi\sql_common_core.msi. Note: You will need to run this installation as an administrator in order for it to install. So open a command prompt as administrator, and then type msiexec /i sql_common_core.msi and press enter. You should find that you can now open SQL Server Configuration Manager 2016.


Muddle Puzzle v2

Muddle Puzzle v2 to has been released on itch.io. You can view the game’s page here: https://yewtree.itch.io/muddle-puzzle.

This game was developed using the Unity Game Engine.

Muddle Puzzle is a fun sliding puzzle game for all the family to play. You will be immersed for hours as you try and complete 3 different in-built pictures, and you can load in your own pictures too, with 5 different levels of difficulty. The muddled cartoon pictures are of city buildings, a castle, and a girl with a kite. There is a nice background instrumental piece of music that loops perfectly, and a sound effect for each time you move a piece. The background music and sound effect can each be turned on or off. You think you have completed the level but you are not receiving a score, but hmmm! Maybe there is one or more pieces incorrectly placed. Have fun.

VB6 “Error Accessing System Registry.”

You have VB6 installed and working. Then one day you try and add some components to the toolbox, or you load the VB6 development environment, and then you are plagued by the exception dialog that explains there was an “Error Accessing System Registry.”

The main cause of this as confirmed by Microsoft and Business Objects, is a full/clean install of Crystal Reports

The solution is to open the registry editor, then right-click on the HKEY CLASSES ROOT folder and  select Permissions. Give users full control. This will fix the issue.

Application Displaying Different Data To What’s In Database

You are providing technical support to an end user, and uninstall the application, then remove the old database. Finally you install a new version of the software. But it is picking up the old data.

The probable cause is that Microsoft has put the database in the Microsoft Virtual Store folder location. This folder location can be found at: C:\Users\UserName.Domain\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\.

See: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa905330.aspx.

And: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/patricka/archive/2009/12/14/tales-of-application-compatibility-weirdness-demystifying-uac-virtualization.aspx.

Muddle Puzzle

Last year I set myself a challenge to see if I could write a game in Unity, and sell it. So I decided to write a small sliding puzzle game called Muddle Puzzle. I used the professional version of Unity 5.3.x, Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition and C#. It was an interesting experience, and now the game is released on itch.io. The URL to buy the game is: http://yewtree.itch.io/muddle-puzzle. You can view the video below to see the Muddle Puzzle gameply.

Tesla Themes

If you use WordPress and are looking for some great themes, then a company called Tesla Themes provides beautiful, modern WordPress themes with clean design, powerful features and great support.

They also have an affiliate scheme that provides you with revenue generating links to their website.

Tesla Themes provides Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, and Authorize.NET payment methods. There are three packages: starter, developer, and lifetime.

The starter package costs $48 per theme, and is perfect for beginners. With this package you get a single theme, unlimited domains, free weekly updates, technical support, extensive documentation, and HTML theme files.

The developer package costs $79 per year, and is perfect for developers. With this packet you get all 41 current themes, unlimited domains, free weekly updates, technical support, extensive documentation, all HTML themes, 18+ new themes per year and access to PSD files.

The lifetime package costs $199 and is a one time payment. This package is perfect for agencies. With this package you get all 41 current themes, unlimited domains, free weekly updates, technical support, extensive documentation, all HTML themes, 18+ new themes per year, all PSD files, and lifetime access.

Fresh Store Builder: Build An Amazon Store The Easy Way

Fresh Store Builder is the easy way to build an Amazon store. To see an example of an Amazon Store built with Fresh Store Builder, have a look at AJS Computer Bookstore.

To get started with Fresh Store Builder you will need a domain name and web host capable of hosting MySQL databases and PHP-based websites. It will also help if you have a PayPal account and Google Analytics account. The whole process is relatively straight-forward.  You can view the FSB Demonstration Site before you purchase, and if you like what you see you can place an order for Fresh Store Builder.

If you do go ahead and purchase Fresh Store Builder, you will be provided with download links to the software and video tutorials that are very helpful in getting you started. When your site is finally setup, you will have a control panel that allows you to change themes, site settings, products and categories, and auto-population of categories based on criteria that you specify.

Fresh Store Builder is a very easy to use store builder, once you have learned to use it. It is inevitable however, that at some point in the lifetime of your new store created with FSB that you may need technical support. As a member of the FSB community, you will have access to excellent technical support, and a very active user community. So help is close at hand if you find yourself becoming unstuck.

Happy store building.